Friday, May 27, 2005

Come for a Cause.

SF's Center for Sex and Culture and fantastic sex toy store, Good Vibrations, is sponsoring the forth annual Masturbate-a-Thon tomorrow.

The premise is that all uh....participants will get sponsors to pledge some amount of money per minute that they masturbate. Participants can also sponsor themselves and pay a $20 entrance fee if they are too shy or embarrassed to ask others to pledge them.

What's great, is that there will be live feeds online and if you get off (pun intended hahaha) on watching people masturbate, you can attend for $50 a person (space is limited)

There are prizes for the longest time masturbating, most funds raised and most orgasms. This last one is most probably going to a woman. Although, I would love to see a guy win. He'd be great for bukkake parties!

Last year's winners for time was a tie (nearly six and a half hours each).
Most money raised (close to $1000.00).
Most orgasms (36).

Check it out ya'll!

Can you come alot?
Then come for a cause right now,
and point your p here.



sisterartist said...

haha. only in SF at goodvibes. sigh.
so who won???

it's so funny, michelle asked me about my comments about multiple orgasms. am i just a big nerd (including about sex) or are straight grrls just not very sexually informed/wild? do you have a theory? i suppose some queer women could be uninformed too.

AiYahh said...

i actually didn't go to this. I was at Scott's house and having dinner with him and two friends. We ended up watching a movie on the TV. Although...we did talk about this event... we didn't go.

I have no idea who won the different categories at this year's event.