Thursday, December 02, 2004

USA Flunks Out

The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) just gave the United States of America an F in Prevention yesterday on World AIDS Day. Care and Treatment got a D. Research and Global AIDS both received a C.

Let's step outside of this and look at this from another viewpoint. It's very interesting that Global AIDS got a C, yet Prevention an F. Isn't the US part of the globe in "Global"??? What that tells me, is that the US is more concerned with telling other people what to do, rather than doing what works inside it's borders. What's scary, is that the US already knows how to prevent this disease, but decides not to do it, because of politics. Needle exchange programs are not funded. Comprehensive sex education in the schools is not allowed. Funding has been shifted from people that are at risk, to people that are already infected.

Am I the only person that can see the future?

Pretty soon we'll all be welcoming people to the new USA, the United States of AIDS

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Billy said...

Sad but true. I don't always agree with how HRC runs things (I've heard stories), but I don't think the US is taking the right measures in this either.

Lately, and maybe I'm just imagining this, but AIDS to be on the rampage again. Like I know a lot of people that have gotten infected lately. :(

I was about to say something must be some random hottie going around sleeping with everyone without telling them.. but I know, AIDS is not just caused by things like that.