Thursday, December 02, 2004

To Those Of Us Who Are About To Geek Out

It's true, I'm a geek. I feel like I'm at some support meeting and I'm asking for help from above, because this geekieness (geekdom?) is so beyond me.

I'm headed down to Los Angeles tomorrow to attend Gencon, an annual convention of people who play RPG (Role Playing Game) games. The convention covers all aspects of the RPG world. Something that I'm really looking forward to, is the True Dungeon. Gamers (people who play RPG games) will be able to step into a setting, complete with monsters to fight, traps to disarm and treasure to be won.

I won't be alone. I'm goind with three friends, Scott, Tan and Dean. We all play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) together and truly revel in our geekieness.

I'll try to take some pictures and if they're not too embarrasing, I'll post them.

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musikchyck said...

oh my god. well, at least you're comfortable in your geekdom. have a good time, and if you have a chance, give a call! we're not that far away!