Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Wanting Memories

I have been searching for this song for years! I had heard it and loved it, but nobody I knew was able to get me a copy or tell me who the singer was.

So, here I am...I had just finished my very first Cardio Kickboxing class and we had just finished doing our ab excercises. I had cramps and muscle aches all over my body. Then I hear this song, "Wanting Memories"!

I wanted to run up to the teacher and beg her for this song! But of course...knowing she could kick my ass left and right and back again... I chill and wait till the class is over. This tiny 5' something woman had just kicked my ass teaching a Cardio Kickboxing class was getting ready to teach the step class right afterwards!

She's freaking awesome! Her name is Angie Hirano and teaches here at UCSF Gym. If you ever come here and see that she's teaching a class, drop everything and sign up...you won't regret it!

So anyway, I go up to her and let her know I've been looking for this song for YEARS! Miss kewl just pops it out of the cd player and hands it to me! She's a goddess ok!

I'm in love :)

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