Tuesday, September 14, 2004

It's time to pump it up!

Okay folks, I currently have a membership to the gym here at work and hardly ever go! What a waste of money right? I also have a class card, this card cost $95 and allows me to take 20 classes...so far I've taken 2.

Today is the start of a new day for me. I want to get in better shape! You know the drill, lose inches from the waist, get bigger muscles, more endurance, the whole package.

I plan on getting a better body by going to the gym more consistently and do different things.

Not to say that I have a bad body or that I'm out of shape. Actually, many people have told me that they love my body and the way I look right now. But body shape is such a personal thing. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see flab, other times I see skin and bones...sounds like I have a problem right? I probably do, but I hope to work at those problems through excercise and physical activity.

Today, I'm taking a kickboxing class. Tomorrow, I'm learning how to effectively use a medicine ball. Friday, I plan to take a Budypump class.

I'm hoping to take at least two classes in the beginning for the next few weeks. In between class days, I'll be going to the gym and working on weights, distance walking, etc.

I used to have a six pack....back then I was going to the gym 5x a week. I had a lot of time back then. Since I don't have the time anymore, I have to make what time I do have more efficient.

Let's hope things work for me :)

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