Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Time heals all wounds...

I was reading my friend's online journal...he doesn't do a blog, it's more like an email type of thing. He types it and it gets sent to everyone that's subscribed to it.

Think of it as a blog with a really good delivery system.

So anyway, he's talking about 9.11 and how he had seen the twin towers in the past in a previous trip. How all we have left of the towers are our memories.

I started thinking and had a flashback to when 9.11 was happening.

I was on the futon and basically stayed there for the next three days. I don't remember if I ate anything. I must have otherwise I would have died right. But my eyes were glued to the tv and all the horror I saw.

My heart went out to all the people that lost their lives and to the people that had to deal with the aftermath.

Most importantly, I thought of my friends there. That's when I tried to contact them and kinda freaked out, when I couldn't. One of my friends, Sammy, told me that he lived near the twin towers. I didn't know how close he was and I freaked.

That feeling of hopelessness dragged me even lower into despair. I wondered what this world had become and I thought about whether I wanted to be here.

I didn't...

I had to stop watching the TV and got on with my life. I was temping at the time and got another assignment. I was able to contact a friend in NYC who was able to get in touch with all our mutual friends. They were all okay. I made plans to visit them in Nov. and I stayed with Sammy for a week.

Walking around NYC was kinda weird...I had been there before and found that this time, people were way too nice. It was weird, nice, but weird. I saw people smiling and actually courteous to each other. I wondered if I was in some alternate reality.

Once we finish doing something or move on...all we have left are memories.

Happy memories, sad memories, fond memories.

When people die, we often forgive them of anything they have done to us in the past and only remember them in a good light.

In the end, all we are, are just memories...


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