Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Am I out of the loop or something???

I just got this in the email recently,

"Interested in meeting Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
Enjoy meeting gay asian men who come from nice
families. Currently live in San Francisco, 40 years
old, 6'2, 194, hiv-, std free. Interested in Asians
who are mid 30's to middle 40's. Immigrants are
definitely a plus, really enjoy someone who is not
part of the who Castro Attitude Scene and definitely
not interested if you go to Badlands. My experiances
have been that the better the family you come from and
the high type you are, the more you will like me
because unlike crass new money, old money is much more
open minded, and accepting. Japanese and Chinese from
good families enjoy my company and value my friendship
as does my Vietnamese Doctor whose father was also a
Doctor and comes from a very high type and civilized
family who knows the difference between right and
wrong. There are many gay asians who come from nice
decent high class civilized families with a good
mother and father, and those are the types that I
would be most interested in meeting, not the social
climbers with the designer clothes and the rude and
insulting attitude, and also unreliable, flip
flopping, superficial, definitely not interested in
tacky people."

Do ads like these actually work? I mean, WTF is "high". I get high...well... I used to get high all the time, but an ad like this would make me scream and run the other way.

I guess I've been out of the dating scene for way too long if this is what's being posted these days.

Oh, I should mention that the name of this guy posting is:
""Eight Inches""

I swear I'm not making this up. Boy must be high if he thinks he's going to get anyone with this...or maybe I'm the one that's high


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