Monday, September 20, 2004

RPG Video Gamer Rejoice!

Fable has arrived! Let all the people in the land rejoice, for we have been saved!

Ok, maybe I'm going a little overboard, but Fable, a new RPG (role playing game) on the XBox came out yesterday. In the game, you play a hero who saw his whole family, as well as the rest of your village get slaughtered. You, on the other hand, are saved, and taken away to learn how to be a hero!

The greatest thing about this game, is that the term "hero", doesn't imply that you are good. You start off smack dab in the middle and depending on the choices you make, can become good or evil. The people will repond to you appropriately. So, if you're good, little kids and puppies will want to be near you. If you're evil, they'll run away screaming and the guards will come after you. Of course, if you're just makes it easier for you to kill them...why waste all that time chasing them right?

So far, I've played the game for a little over an hour. I've done mostly good deeds. Tattled on an adulterer, scare off a bully, protected a guy's possessions (so that he can go take a whiz), etc. But I have taken things from people, while I was "searching" their house. In a normal RPG video game, that's what the player is supposed to do. Doing that in this game, means that you're stealing. I did get a cute haircut card by doing this, so maybe stealing is a good thing???

Now, I'm at a point in the game, where I can choose to defend the town from attackers, or help the attackers.

Decisions, decisions...

*flips a coin*

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