Friday, August 20, 2004

I met up with an internet friend "Alex" the other day. We were supposed to meet up on Mon, but his uncle was having a birthday party and didn't tell him about it, till the last minute. So he called me up and we rescheduled. I honestly had no problem with it, I was originally blowing off a meeting that I had forgot about to meet with I just took it as a sign that I should go to the meeting. I truly believe the universe will let you know where you should go and what to do... you just have to be open to it.

We eventually met up on Wednesday. I seem to be having direction deficit issues. I thought I was being smart by taking 280 South, then Lawrence over to 101 South and hit 237. I end up in San Jose and by that time, I'm completely lost! I call up Efren, frantic and a lil bit angry at myself for being such a doofus. He talks me through and I make it to Milpitas Square safely....and it only took me about 2 HOURS!!! I met up with Alex and we were both starving, so we headed to Coriya Hotpot City. People that know me, will say that I never go there. I mean, I'm usually never that hungry AND there's not much for me to eat at these places. I did get some sushi and cooked up some seafood: oysters, mushrooms, fish balls, noodles and some fish filets. Surprise, surprise, I don't get dessert! Something I usually don't do if I'm hungry. We head out to an anime store and then to the Great Mall. It was really kewl. Alex told me some great stories about himself and we had a great time. He told me about how one time, a guy he knew from the net, actually met up with him and then totally dissed him. It's really sad how people can be so cruel, but I think that Alex is a better person for it. You go ALEX!

So back to Monday, I went to the meeting and it was kewl, kinda on the boring side as all meetings tend to be. The meeting was with the SF Gay Men's Community Initiative. We talked about what's been happening and some of the projects that we were working on. We're trying to raise some money for the group by writing to foundations and selling tickets to Macy's Passport sale. The fashion show benefits Project Inform, but every ticket that we sell to the shopping days benefits us! It's a great thing. The ticket costs $10 and there's a tear-off part that you can drop off at the store on the day of the sale for an extra $3. So we'll get $13 and you only have to give $10. So what does the ticket get you, You ask. A lot actually, you get 10 - 20% off your purchases on Friday, September 24 and Saturday, September 25! This sale applies to SF's Union Square, San Jose's Valley Fair and Corte Madera's Macy's only. Here's a major shopping tip...Macy's is having a major sale at that time and you can actually pre-shop that week. This discount is ON TOP of the sale price!!! So you can buy all the stuff you want on sale, get the discount and just pick it up on the day of the sale! For those wondering...yes, I have already started MY shopping. I've gone to Macy's, twice and am deciding what I'm going to get.

So I'm selling tickets. Contact me at if you wanna to get your's now :)

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