Friday, June 25, 2004

Yesterday was fun. I met up with a friend I met online. I told him that I was going to get a manicure and then a hair cut. He couldn't understand why I would get a manicure cuz he cuts his own you know? I told him that I normally do that as well, but I felt like being pampered :)

So we had dinner at Lucky Creation, a kick ass vegetarian place in SF's Chinatown. If u're vegetarian you have to go check them out, even if you're not (my friend wasn't, and he suggested we go there) go check it out. They're on Washington between Stockton and Grant.

I dropped off my friend at the BART station and then headed to the Castro for a lil shopping before heading to the 2BoysHoldingHands launch. Bumped into some friends in front of the Walgreens. One guy, Christian, updated me on what he's doing. So he's a mortgage broker now. So respectable now. He mentioned that he was just starting out and still had to do his other job. I asked him "Are you still escorting?". He said yes (he's such a cutie). While we were chatting, another friend, Eric, showed up and joined us. He told me that he had a great time at Gay Day in Orlando's Disney World. There I was, thinking *ho hum, long lines with screaming faggots*. Then he described all the pool parties and all night dancing. I was like, "That sounds like a circuit party!" and he said that's exactly what it was! I'm thinking I may have to make a trip down to Orlando hahahaha

I make my way up the street to Does Your Mother Know. I was looking for things to decorate my car with. Something like a rainbow sticker you know? I did find this cute thingie that you hang on your window. It has a crystal attached to it and has a solar powered motor that spins it. So you'll have rainbows flying all over the place. I actually had it in my hand and was about to buy it, then thought better of it. I don't think I could stand to have all the rainbown flying around, esp while I'm driving. Safety first you know.

I left the store and went to Does Your Father Know. Is this like a chain or something? Where's "Does your kids know? or "Does Fifi know?". I walked around the store. The same ole same ole stuff you see in any other gay crap shop. I was leaving the store when I saw it, those lil fishies with witty sayings on them. You know, like "darwin". There was one for "prozac" and another one of the darwin fish fucking the jesus fish (you have to see it). I thought, "OMG, they might have the one I'm looking for!" I've been looking for this one that sez "N Chips". Fish N Chips, cute huh? :) I couldn't find it, so I asked the store clerk if they had it in stock. He mentioned that they normally did, and will ask the owner to order more. SCORE!!! That made my day (ok ok I'm easily satisfied)

As I was leaving the store, I passed this CUTE guy talking on his cell phone. I did a double take and he did the same DAMN. I kept looking back as I walked away and there he was, just staring at me. Now if I were single or had less scruples, I'd go up to him and see wassup :)

But I'm not, and I do. So I kept going my way and kicking myself the whole way. I went into Walgreens and got some mints, in case he decides to come look for me (I was having a bad breath day). I popped a few in my mouth just in case :)

So, the 2 boysholdinghands launch was kewl. 26Mix was amazing music playing. The designs were very kewl. Mostly earth tone colors (brown, black, green) and light blue. There were four designs 2 boys holding hands, 2 girls holding hands, gam (single) and gay uncle. They came in mens and womens t-shirt and muscle shirt versions. I found myself looking at the girls versions and wanting those more. What's that say about me??? I'm skinny that's what! hahahaha

I ended up buying two 2 boys holding hands muscle shirts (one for me and one for my honey Efren), a gam T for him and a gay uncle T for me. We plan on wearing the holding hands shirts under our barong when we march on Sunday. If it looks weird (which it might) I'll just hold it and go shirtless under the barong.

There was a video game, don't ask me the name, I was already a lil bit tipsy (girl scout cookie yummy!) and was having a great time playing. One guy watching was amazed at how I could play so well AND dance at the same time. I told him that the music was too good and it helped me concentrate on my game. What can I say...I multitask LOL

If you ever see me at home playing video games, I'm usually checking email, surfing online, chatting, listening to music and holding a conversation. I love broadband :)

Speaking of which...if there's anyone out there that's playing Final Fantasy XI, lemme know. Let's get together and party online :)
I'm Howyflambae there, so do a search for me and add me as a friend :)

So, what's happening tonight...I'm going to have dinner with Efren and Jeff (a cute diving instructor from Hawaii) and then it's off to watch The Adventures Of Iron Pussy (see previous posting)

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