Tuesday, September 02, 2003

WOW! I had such a great time camping up in Russian River! I went with a group called GAMX">GAMX. Really nice people. There was the usual, swimming, hiking and all that stuff. We also played some games. Like a (Korean?) drinking game where everybody gets in a circle and the first person starts the count with one and makes a movement. Then each person has to countinue the count. If the number contains a 3, 6 or 9 in it, that person has to make the same movement as the first person. When you mess up, you drink. Simple huh? When we started, I have to admit, we were pretty crappy. But eventually we got up to over 100! Pretty impressive for a bunch of drunk off their asses (ok, not everybody was drunk, just me and one other guy) yahoos. I was drunk because I was already drinking before the game started! We had to start eliminating people cuz the game was getting long and we had to go partying. The final two was great! The movement was blowing a kiss to the other guy! Really shocked the opponent and he couldn't keep it up! Not really something I would be ashamed of doing, since we were all gay guys...but I guess some people still have problems with PDA (public displays of affection).

So we went out to the club and had a great time. The location was club FAB. Our little posse of twirling asian faggots took over that club! The night was young and there were about 5 people in the club till we got there. We immediately took to the dance floor and showed off our moves! Then a great bunch of drag queens took to the stage and started a show. The actually sang and were very entertaining...I just wish I could remember the name of the group (Acid Housewife), because by this time, I was definitely well on my way to being totally sloshed! How did I know this? I was flirting up a storm with all the cuties and that's not safe around these sluts! Most of them are husband hunting and the rest of them are just plain out for the hunt! I finally decided to call it a night around 1AM and headed on back to camp. Had a great time chatting with my tent mates, Andy and Winson (they're so sweet!) and promptly blacked out as I got comfy in my sleeping bag.

On Sunday night, we played this game with several teams where you had to make a rope only using the things the team was wearing. Since I was planning on going to a foam party afterwards...I of course stripped down to my swimming trunks (we had no idea what the game was btw...it was a coincidence that I was wearing all that clothes) and of course, in the end, my team won...thanks to me and my shoe laces!!! Yes, those queens had no idea how competitive I can get. My bf calls it the "perfect student syndrome". I just like to do my best no matter what I do...shouldn't everybody?

After the games, the technologically gifted people set up a dvd projector and screen and showed a Japanese horror flick. Don't ask me what the name is, I had my eyes closed most of the movie. Okay okay...I'm a big wussy wimp. I don't handle horror movies well. At least it gives me an excuse to cuddle with someone cute hehehe.

One guy, who will remain nameless, drank too much...even for me! He was really nice when we first met, but boy, that guy really can't take his licker. We had to send for the ambulance on Sunday morning. He returned with a report that his BAL (blood alcohol level) was 0.42. In case you're wondering...you are legally drunk at 0.08 and will get your ass thrown into jail if caught driving. So that night he drinks even more!!! and paws me while we're watching the movie. (hmmm a good reason not to cover my eyes so much next time, have to make a note of that.) As I leave, he gets into my tent and MY SLEEPING BAG. Ok, even I can get shocked, and boy, was I. I reverted back to my original habits and got all passive aggressive. I just let him crawl in! Then I went out and told everybody at camp what happened as he started snoring....loudly. I did get several offers from cuties to crash with them for the night, so things were starting to look up for me hehehe. Then I told the drunk bastard's friend who immediately asked me where my tent was. I took him and he asked me what sound was. I said, "That's HIM snoring!". He went in and WOW, I've never heard such yelling and screaming! In short order, the drunk asshole was out and kicked back into his own tent. I guess I wasn't needing all those nice offers *sigh*

After all THAT drama. There was no way I was going to drop E like I had planned at the foam party. I did go and had a great time. I wish I knew about this survival guide before. I would be able to tell them uh, this is a bunch of GAY GUYS!!! nudity? yup! and hanky panky all over the place! not that I minded of course :) I saw lots of blow jobs all over and the immistakable signs of bootybumping but around 2AM it all finally got to me and I left. Three hours of people toucing me in my privates, pulling my trunks down, dragging me into the foam was enough. It was definitely an experience and I would love to do it again, just have to remember to wear goggles to protect my eyes. That foam really stings! Most people didn't mind, but I'm special.

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