Friday, August 22, 2003

It was weird last night. I went to watch my friend Jon play softball last night, a double header and we had dinner afterwards. By the time I got home, it was 1AM and i was really tired. But all night I couldn't sleep. I just kept tossing and turning. I finally got out of bed at 4:15AM and went online. I figure I might be able to sleep after I jacked off and came....

I got onto Ivisit and there wasn't much action going on. Some ppl were playing with me, but I finially gave it up. Nothing got me interested. In the end, i was reading erotic stories from the net and came from that. Geeze what a loser right?

oh well, welcome to my big fat loser life.

so i hope to go up to russian river next weekend to go camping. that should be fun. i'm going up there with a bunch of gay guys called GAMX. very kewl group. i have an air mattress and a tent and everything. just have to get a missing tent pole and tent stakes.

i'm sure i can find someone to share my tent with hehehe

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