Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I started downloading Vindictus and while I'm waiting for it, I wonder why?

I mean, do I really need another game to spend time on?

I'll have to say a hearty YES!!!

Vindictus is a freakishly brutal (animated) violent game and it should satisfy that part of me that really really needs to come out...safely.

The United States Supreme Court is going to decide on video games soon and this really upsets me! The case is trying to prevent games with adult subject matter from being created! What happened to the First Amendment, the freedom of SPEECH!

I like Leland Lee, back in the day, when he was on the San Francisco School Board, but this is too far! Where is the parental responsibility! Are parents so stupid that they can't read game reviews or google the game before letting little Brutus buy a video game with adult content?

It seems that parents are now using video games now, the way they have used teachers in the past. As baby-sitters for their children! They no longer have or want to spend the time needed to raise them and would rather put them down and set a timer and be done with it!

I think it's time to start requiring parental licenses!

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