Sunday, January 25, 2009


Good evening, one and all. Welcome to Lunar New Year's Eve!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful, happy, properous new year of the OX!

This made me realize that my year, the year of the Rat, has just passed. It was supposed to be my year, so good things are to happen.

But did it?

In hindsight, I think it has.

I grew up,

a little.

I grew older,

a little.

I got wiser,

a little.

I learned patience,

a little.

So overall, I would have to say this past year was good for me.

The best thing of course,

would have to be meeting my boyfriend, Drew.

It is amazing how just being near him, makes my soul feel at ease.

He can make me happy just by being himself doing something, or nothing at all.

So, thank you Drew.

A new year passes
The joy and pain, swept away
It's now, time to work!



Tony Puma said...


July 4th a significant date
For me to meet a future mate
A rainy day, no pool to swim
At first glance, just a whim.

With eyes that lasered through me
I felt blinded but could see
Oriental eyes, Motor-Pool cat eyes
I was, pardon, mesmerized.

Taken aback, I returned the glance
Am I ready for this meeting chance?
Approached and conversed, umbrella unfurled
I would be taken on a Dervish whirl.

We walked through the park
Like two sprites ready to embark
On a well worn path shown
On a journey for budding lovers unknown.

We stopped under a tree
Exchanging biographies
But in this setting, with eyes mist
There was no way, we could resist.

We kissed, and, hugged, and loved in our fashion
Even now I question this passion
We parted that day and vowed to meet again
Unbeknownst that cultures would cause us pain.

Does love at first sight
Fade quickly after the first night?
We met on other dates these two years
My emotions ran high, to the point of tears.

GT-I (cont’d) Page 2 of 2

Did love disconnect, when Occidental brash
With Oriental culture clash?
No harmony, No beat
Two parallel lines that never meet.


Is it bad Karma
Psychological self-destruct trauma
19th century Sicilian curse
Are these answers to my love reverse?

I now look back in a mental meltdown
To that day that shook the ground
I am emotionally spent and
proceed at a gingerly pace
For losing a love I cannot replace.

I know, there are others you say
But, come-on, nothing can replace that day
It is seared into my head
Replayed in dreams, when I go to bed.

This wasn’t a first love
Just an unfortunate short love
Probably not a last love
Just a unique love.

A love on July 4th 2008
This firecracker in my heart
That is still an ache.


Tony Puma

AFV said...

why did you stop posting?