Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It was a very good day

I got a new job! It has taken a few months of searching, but today, I have been offered a position in a hospital's film library.

I was running a lil bit late this morning. I was meeting my friend Bryan at 9:00AM and talk. He works at the hospital and was offering me moral support (which I really needed at this point). I got out of the house late, and by the time I arrived at the bus stop, the bus I had planned on taking had already passed. Luckily, there was another bus I could take, so I ran several blocks to catch it. I made it!

One very kewl thing once I got off the bus and was walking to the hospital. A little girl was walking by me with her momma. The woman just passed by me, but the little girl turned around and said hi to me. Of course, I responded, and the two of us kept turning our heads back and smiling at each other. It made my morning spectacular for some reason.

Apparently, people here in Seattle, don't greet people in the street as a norm. If you do so, you're considered weird and should be avoided at all costs. Of course, this doesn't apply to the folks on Bainbridge Island, where, I am told, are very friendly to each other and greet folks wholeheartedly. So, the fact that this lil girl, broke out of her shell and greeted me, totally made my day. Getting offered the job, just made a wonderful day, even better.

So I had to break the bad news to the chocolate shop that I work at. I will be going from (almost) fulltime to part-time, and can only work on weekends. Preferably one day (Sat) and cover for Sun if needed.

There is a reason for my keeping the job at the chocolate shop. In my new job, I will be working in an office of all women. I will be the only guy (other than the mobile trailor drivers) it helps to have easy access to chocolate when working with women. Hey, it doesn't hurt to be able to bribe someone with chocolate.

So I am now waiting to hear from HR about my paperwork tomorrow morning. Then I will be starting next Tuesday. I get to go to new staff orientation. My friend that works at the hospital, told me that it's a day and a half snoozefest, but I'm really excited about it and am looking forward to it.

Don' you know, How feel,
New Dawn, New Day, New Li-ife
And I'm Feelin Good


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