Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Please pray and think good thoughts for Joz

I met my husband back in the April of 1997. During that same weekend, I had the immense pleasure of meeting face to face, blogger JozJozJoz! We went out and grabbed a meal together and it was amazing how well we all clicked together. I didn't know it, but she became one of my favorite friends and we try to keep in touch across the miles that lie between us as we live our daily lives.

I just found out, that Joz is having a really difficult time right now. Her dad suffered a stroke and is in serious condition. The doctors have already told the family that this was a type of stroke that was too deep and they cannot operate. That they will have to wish for a miracle.

Joz has asked that if you pray, please include Joz's dad in your prayers. Pray for that miracle. If you don't pray, just think good thoughts and send them to the sky.

Wishes and good thoughts
Combine with human spirit
Miracles happen.