Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I've been Joz'd

I've been Joz'd, originally uploaded by AiYahh.

I feel SOOOOOOO special now. Gee, how am I going to celebrate, I wonder???


I know, there's a movie tonight at the LGTB Center... "Meth".

It's the perfect place to show off my spankin new Jozjozjoz shirt!

Okie, I went to see the movie "Meth" and it was really good. It was directed by Todd Ahlberg (a very yummy hunky guy) and tonight's showing was a sneak preview sponsored by the LGBT Center, SFDPH STD Control and Prevention, SFGMCI, Stop AIDS Project, ACCESSSF and Castrobear Presents (try to say THAT five times fast).

I arrived at the Center and went up to the second floor where the movie was being shown. I noticed that there was already a full room. I did a quick scan of the room and not seeing anyone I knew (there were people I knew, I just didn't see them) I tried to decide on where to sit. The room was almost packed, so I ended up sitting in the front row just off center, not exactly my favorite movie seating preferences, but oh well.

As I made myself comfortable, I took off my heavy jacket, so everyone can see my spanking new Joz shirt! After I got comfortable, I picked up my knitting and went back to work on my wrist warmers. I had already finished one, but the dang thing was too big, so this was actually my second one. I'm planning on taking the first one apart after I'm finished with the second one, so I'll have material to make another one. This time with the right sizing.

I tend to tunnel vision and tune everything and everyone out once I start doing something. I do this when I read, play video games, watch TV... in this case, knit. After doing a few stiches, I noticed someone had sat down across the aisle from me and I could feel his eyes on me. It was a kinda slimy feeling to it. Something I didn't think I would feel outside of a club, but what am I kidding, I'm at the LGBT Center and in a room full of gay men.

I looked up, just a brief glance really and the guy was looking back at me. I went back to my knitting. This guy kept looking. So I took another look, this time a longer one. He took this opportunity and introduced himself.

him: Hi
Me: Hi
him: I'm Matt
Me: I'm Howard

I was kinda waiting for something else from this guy, but that seemed to be the extent of it. I went back to my knitting. He kept looking.

I looked up again.

Matt: What are you doing?
Me: I'm knitting. (duh)
Matt: Kewl
Me: Do you knit?
Matt: What?
Me: I said, do you know how to knit?
Matt: Oh! No, I can't do anything like that.
Me: It keeps me out of trouble, gives me something to do.
Matt: Yeah.

You can tell, we're not exactly having the greatest discussion. Of course, I decided not to put down my knitting this time while I was talking with Matt. That's when I realized what I must look like. Non-stop knitter, having a conversation, waiting for a movie named "Meth" to start.

I must look like I'm high on speed!!!

I kept on knitting anyway, but thinking that I might look like I'm high, made me notice Matt's behavior a little more. I noticed that he kept shifting his body around and every so often, he would say "Yeah" as a response to something someone had said, even though he wasn't part of that conversation.

This boy Matt was TWEAKIN!

The movie started, so I put down my knitting and watched the movie.

It was pretty interesting. Basically a documentary showcasing gay guys that use Meth, either in the past or the present. The movie details what the people do to get their high, what it looks like as they get high and what they would do to get their next fix.

There was also a connection to the HIV epidemic. Most of the folks in the movie got infected because of things they did while they were high on meth. What's sad is that, one guy in the movie was already HIV positive. He mentioned that he had no excuse.

In the end, I think that we all have no excuse. The information is out there, so if we decide to do drugs and be stupid, that's our "right". It's also our responsibility to know when it's time to stop using body can tell you to stop except you.

There are no more excuses.

Head rush, body flushed.
Dick slams into open hole.
Ready for next hit.


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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I bet you were the best dressed gay guy in the room!