Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On your mark...

Get set...


The shopping season has started folks. Starting with Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) retailers are out to get all your hard earned money.

Some people actually make it a point NOT to shop on Black Friday as a protest against commercialism. I admit, I didn't buy anything. I did have plans to go out and single handedly support the sagging U.S. economy, but I was still recovering from my Thanksgiving liquid feast, (part of which can be found on the floor of the Lucky Penny parking lot). So I spent the morning not shopping like a fiend, but watching my tivo and taking much needed naps in between shows.

So as a public service, I'm posting a Macy's coupon. Just click on this link and get a PDF coupon good for 10 - 20% at Macy's or Macy's online. I'm not getting any money for this. I'm just too damn lazy to write about anything of any substance.
This coupon is good from November 30 - December 5 only.

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Chox said...

Lucky that a diner at like, Masonic and Geary? I see it from the 38 all the time.

AiYahh said...

Bingo, that's it. It's one of my favorite late night eateries.