Thursday, October 20, 2005

Doom: the review

So, I get invited to see sneak previews of movies pretty regularly and just this week alone so far, I've seen Doom (on Tuesday), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (last night) and I might possibly see Stay tonight (depends on the boyfriend).

This is about Doom on Tuesday. I show up early (as usual) for the showing and go to meet my theater contact, N. I see her and she's talking with someone, so I come near and just wait until they finish their conversation. A guy standing in front of me, between N and myself, is saying that he is part of the press. He gives his name (I only caught his first name, Brendan), but they can't find his name on the approved press list. They agree to let him in eventually. Brendan then asks if he could interview the attendees and take pictures. That's when I noticed some danger signs in Movie Official Guy (MOG). His tone of voice got menancing, the octave got a little lower and his head tilted a little forward, as he said "You can interview people, but if we see you take any pictures, we're kicking you out of the theater." That's when N waved me through the ticket takers and told MOG that I was a guest when he gave N a funny look.

See, unlike the other hundreds of people that had to wait for hours outside to get in here, I just have to show up and walk right in. I like my life sometimes.

I was really expecting the movie to suck. Not just suck, but really SUCK big time! Videogame movies don't really do well. Just look at Alone in the dark. I did like the Resident Evil movies, so there was a glimmer of hope.

From the opening credits there did seem to be some attention to detail. Universal's logo was changed from the Earth to the planet Mars. I wonder did anyone else notice that lil tiny bit?

Ok, not to spoil the movie for everyone, I won't go into details. It starts off with a pretty ho hum action flick. The dialogue is pretty awful and won't win any awards. I have to admit tho, some of the scenes did make me jump. Not as much as a girl sitting two seats from me tho. She kept screaming and I really wanted to reach out and slap her just so that I could watch the movie without distraction. For one part of the movie, the movie really became Doom, the game and not just in the name.

That was when I was practically jumping out of my seat, I got so excited. I have always loved the horror genre of video games, but I can't play them well. I get too scared. So I really enjoy watching other people play the game. This really took me back in time and made me relive the same excitement that I felt when I first saw Doom.

The dungeon crawl, with all the twists and turns. The monsters jumping out at you unexpectedly. The first person point of view did have me worried at first, but once I saw it in action, it was very easy to follow. Compared with some other recent action flicks, like Bourne Supremecy, the fighting scenes are way easy to follow.

Would I call this a date movie? Probably, only if you go catch something like "In her shoes" at a later time.

Who decides what's Hell?
Is it life with ones you hate?
Or one where all lone?


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