Monday, December 27, 2004

My phone hates me

What a nice surprise! I was checking my voicemail today and the automatic message at the beginning told me that I had 4 (four) messages. I'm like, my phone hates me. I've had my phone with me 24/7 and I never get any of these calls. So I figured that it's time for a new phone right?

So anyway...three of the messages were from people that I have already met up with face to face and taken care of whatever they were leaving the message about. Do you think we have too much connectivity??? I say, NOT ENOUGH!

The fourth message blew me away. It was a singing telegram from a choral group down in L.A. Of course, I have nobody else to thank but the wonderful Joz and Yoshi of fame. I have absolutely no idea what language the song was in, but it was really pretty, and I love pretty things :)

So this is probably going to stay in my voicemail box forever, for when I go through those times in my life that I need a lil reminder that there are people out there that care for me.

and don't we all need that lil bit of help from time to time?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Holiday season so far. Me? I ate too much, a bad habit I've picked up during my marathon training. Carbo loading should only be for race days, not everyday!


Allie said...

you're most welcome! jozjozjoz and i had fun ordering the song for you and stkyrice. and btw, the song is in hebrew. a traditional children's song about the dreidl, s'vivon.

Efren said...

Hehe...we need to get you a new phone! pronto! :)

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Glad you enjoyed the singing telegram. We were going to deliver it to your home for when you guys got back from Hawaii, but we didn't know stkyrice had turned off the machine.