Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hmmm... auto-complete list???

Click on the letters of the alphabet on your browser bar and see what comes up.

a: My blog
b: create a listing in my blog
c: Cuteyboy
d: downelink
e: evite
f: fridae
g: gmail
h: hotmail
i: keen astrology ad
j: jozjozjoz
k: Kevinandkell
l: littleyellowdifferent
m: firefox
n: nike
o: orkut
p: progressive secretary
q: what kind of fuck quiz
r: meeting maker
s: tribe
t: stan
u: yahoo mail
v: villiage voice
w: vinaigrette recipe
x: nothing
y: yahoo
z: zoomerang


Billy said...

YAY!! I come up as C, I feel special! :)

AiYahh said...

Billy is my guilty pleasure. One hand on the keyboard, the other...busy doing something else :)