Monday, November 29, 2004

Clean Needles Save Lives

I know that there are some people out there that hasn't bought their 2005 calendar yet. Here's a chance to do some good for the whole year.

This is coming right off a Tribe posting...

Location SF Bay Area
Hey there-

As you may be aware, three syringe exchange providers in the SF Bay Area have banded together in order to raise funds
for our work. As most of you already know syringe exchange is an extremely successful outreach effort to injectors, preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens. Despite fifteen years of research based evidence that exchange is enormously
effective it remains one of the most seriously under-funded HIV prevention modalities available.

That said, some of us here have put our bodies on the front lines for the cause by creating The Hotties of Harm Reduction Calendar 2005. The calendar features some revealing photos of harm reduction workers by photographer Kasper Koczab. It is a standard-size montly wall calendar, for which we charge $15 to 25 each. The calendar is available on-line at or in person from calendar models and other outreach workers. Calendars will be sold at the annual Berkeley Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair on Telegraph Ave. Dec. 11/12 & 18/19. Get a signed copy! Order early for the holidays!! We take cash, checks to "Hotties of Harm Reduction", and Paypal! Follow the above link for paypal orders.

100% of the profits from this project benefit: Points of Distribution, Needle Exchange Emergency Distribution, and the Monterey County Needle Exchange Project. All production was done at cost. We need help in distribution: GET THE WORD OUT. In addition to the original agencies benefiting from the sale of this calendar we will also be donating some part of our profits to replace what SF/NE lost during the recent burglary of their offices. For those of you in the Bay Area: Save the Date: we are sponsoring an opening party on Friday December 3, 2005. Details to follow.

Thanks for your support!
In solidarity-
Alexandra Monk
Catherine Swanson
Hotties of Harm Reduction Calendar 2005
Project Coordinator

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