Saturday, October 09, 2004

Presenting... The fabulous Alison De La Cruz!!!

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Efren and I went to Pusod over in Berkeley to check out Mango Mic, a monthly open mic. We picked up our friend Alison S. at her place and headed over to Pusod.

Pusod is a non-profit over in Berkeley that showcases Filipino and Filipino-American art. The entire building is made from recycled materials! If you get a chance, go check them out!

When Efren and I heard that Alison De La Cruz was featured, we had to go check her out. We met Alison years ago when we were all on Asian Avenue and have been friends since then.

Alison is a kick ass performer!

Don't believe me? Here's what people wrote about her show "Sungka".

"Sungka is a debut of a new aesthetic in Filipina womanspeech. Raw. Honest. Unnerving. It crossed boundaries and trespasses familiar - and its damn funny too." - *Judy Soo Hoo, playwright, "Texas" and "Refrigerators"

San Francisco Bay Guardian Critic's Pick
"De La Cruz adds some personal flair and a bit of humor to her tale of growing up Filipino American, taking aim at ideas of "gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race and Spam.... so catch it while you can."

"De La Cruz delivers an array of snapshots of our Filipino collective memories. She is bound to stretch the rules of the performance comedy and drama." -Rex Navarrete, acclaimed Filipino-American stand-up comic

Alison M. De La Cruz is a poet, performance artist, producer and ate' (older sister). Her work explores a breadth of issues at the intersections of biracial Filipino American bi-queer woman of color identities. Over the last year, De La Cruz has been touring her one-woman show "Sungka" with sold out performances at the Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco and the David Henry Hwang Theatre in Los Angeles.
- Pedagogy & Performance in Asian American Studies 2001, Riverside, CA

Ok, ok, ok, I'm crazy about the girl...what can I say, I love my sistah :)

She presented some stuff she's been working on for a new show. Alison described it as scenes of her life and decided to grace us with an adult scene...we were all adults in the room you know :)

All I can say is, someone needs to hook up with her. Her story turned ME on!

Ok, now I need to get a rag.


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She's one of the best all-around performance artists I know!